Lead-Deadwood COVID-19 Updates

Ocotober 21st, 2020

Food Service Program Update

Summer Food Service Program extended through June 30, 2021.

On October 9, 2020 USDA Food and Nutrition Service extended COVID-19 Nationwide Waiver to allow operation of the Summer Food Service Program through June 30, 2021. This program will follow the school calendar.

The Lead-Deadwood School District has been approved beginning October 1, 2020 to provide Breakfast and Lunch to all children 18 years and younger at no charge through June 30, 2021.

If a student requests seconds on milk, the charge for the milk will be applied to the child’s meal account. If your child brings a sack lunch and requests a milk, the child’s meal account will be charged for the milk.

Families can continue to make payments on meal accounts through EZSchoolPay to pay for extras.

Grab N Go meals may be picked up at the Elementary in Deadwood as well as the High School in Lead for those students that are receiving distance learning services.

Students attending school in person will continue with their same meal schedule.

Grab-N-Go meals can be picked up at two locations Monday-Friday. Families are able to pick up both breakfast and lunch for the week by contacting the Food Service Department at 605-717-3890 with the number of meals they are requesting.

Elementary 10:00 am-11:00 am

High School 10:00 am-11:00 am

Questions can be addressed to:

Margie Rantapaa

605-717-3890 ext. 4012


Families are strongly encouraged to continue to complete and submit Free/Reduced Price Applications for School Year 2020-2021 to have on file when the waiver expires June 30, 2021. If families fail to submit an application for school year 2020-2021 their eligibility status will be PAID when the waiver expires school year 2021-2022.

September 10th, 2020

Lead-Deadwood School District parent/guardians may now make bus reservations for September 21st thru October 9th. If you have a student that needs to ride a bus and you have not yet signed up, please do so as soon as possible even if you child is currently riding the bus. If you need to ride the bus, you must reserve a spot on the bus every three weeks, you must wear a mask/face covering, and there will be assigned seating. There is a possibility that routes may be cancelled or if they all run, some students will not be able to ride. If you need your children to ride the bus, please call your building office to let us know which students will be on which routes. (ELEM 717-3884; MS 717-3898; HS 717-3899).

August 20th, 2020

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The South Dakota Department of Health has informed us that a student/staff in our school district has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We are alerting parents to be watchful for children with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 illness during the next 14 days. If your child is identified as being a close contact to the COVID-19 case, the SD-DOH will contact you.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever or chills
  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Sore Throat
  • Fatigue
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Nausea, Vomiting or Diarrhea

The COVID-19 virus is spread from person-to-person, mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Spread is more likely to occur when people are in close contact with one another (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes).

If your child develops symptoms of any contagious disease, including COVID-19, do not send him/her to school. If a healthcare provider is contacted, follow all directions on care and testing.

Precautions to avoid illness:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Refrain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects
  • Individuals at higher risk for severe COVID-19 illness, such as older adults or people who have chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease, should take actions to reduce your risk of exposure (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html)

For more information on COVID-19, South Dakota’s Information Line can be reach at (800) 977-2880 or visit https://covid.sd.gov/.


Dan Leikvold


Lead Deadwood School District

August 6th, 2020

The LDSD School Board approved this Restart School Plan at the August 4th board meeting.  This plan will be flexible and fluid as conditions change in our community.  We will have another school board meeting on August 18th, at which time we may do some updates.

The Lead Deadwood School District recognizes that students, staff, and community members who are considered vulnerable must not be put in a compromising situation and case-by-case decisions will be made regarding students and/or staff that do not wish to attend school in the onsite, face-to-face setting. In order to plan for the start of school, we need to know who will be returning to the face-to-face setting, and who will not.

A survey will be sent to the parents/caregivers about returning to school.  We ask that the survey be completed by August 24th.  If you did not receive the survey by email or text, please email jamie.hohn@k12.sd.us with your updated information.

July 17th, 2020

We will have community meetings open to all in the high school auditorium in Lead to discuss and take questions on the Lead Deadwood School District Restart Plan.

We hope to limit attendance at each meeting to no more than 50 people so we are asking you to RSVP. Once we hit fifty, that meeting will be closed and you’ll be asked to attend another one. If we need more meetings, we will add more. Thank you for your understanding.

Please RSVP to attend the in person meetings with the links below. Once the RSVPs have hit 50, the link will no longer work because that meeting is full. We strongly encourage all to wear a face cover and ask that if you are sick, please do not attend. We also hope that you will limit the number of people from individual households who attend. Thank you.

July 27th at 6:30 PM: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VXQ8DTY

July 28th at 6:30 PM: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VMXSW3D

July 29th at 1:00 PM: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VC3HFJW

If you are unable or choose not to attend in person, you may join the Teams meetings listed below using your web browser or call in with the conference number and ID. Please remember to keep your microphone muted during the meeting unless you are speaking. You will use the microphone icon if you are using your web browser and will use *6 on the conference call to toggle your mute button.

July 27th at 6:30 PM:

Please use the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link or the Conference Number and ID to join the Lead-Deadwood School District Restart Plan Discussion on July 27th at 6:30 PM.


Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Conference Number: +1 605-496-0678

Conference ID: 297 500 046#

July 28th at 6:30 PM:

Please use the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link or the Conference Number and ID to join the Lead-Deadwood School District Restart Plan Discussion on July 28th at 6:30 PM.


Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Conference Number: +1 605-496-0678

Conference ID: 202 729 443#

July 29th at 1:00 PM:

Please use the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link or the Conference Number and ID to join the Lead-Deadwood School District Restart Plan Discussion on July 29th at 1:00 PM.


Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Conference Number: +1 605-496-0678

Conference ID: 661 896 972#

July 15th, 2020

District Restart Plan

I presented the district restart plan to the School Board on Tuesday, July 14. The plan is not a final plan and it will be changed based on School Board, staff, and community input. There are details yet to be worked out and those details may not be the same from building to building. Please take some time to review it and let me, your building principal, your supervisor, or a school board member know if you have questions or comments or ideas. We will be scheduling public forums for staff and community input in the coming weeks. Those times and dates have not been set yet, but you will be notified when they are. Our goal is to have those meetings be face to face as well and live streamed for those who do not attend. We will have school board meetings on August 4th at 6:30 pm and August 18th at 4:00 pm to further discuss these plans. I look forward to your input. 

District Restart Plan

Thank you and have a great day.

Dr. Leikvold

July 10th, 2020

District Restart School Plan 

I hope you are all doing well.

As you are well aware, as of right now, it is difficult to know what the situation will be in our school district on our scheduled return to school on September 2. Because of the uncertainty, we are planning for a variety of scenarios. The three scenarios we are planning for are a return to school as normal as possible with modifications; a return to remote learning, in which no students attend school for a particular amount of time; or a blend of face to face and remote learning, in which some students do face-to-face and others do remote learning, depending on individual and community circumstances.

I am confident that whichever model we use at any given time, our district and staff will give it our best effort in educating our students and serving our community. I know it will be challenging and difficult, but we will overcome this crisis and move forward.

I will be presenting a district restart school plan to the School Board on Tuesday, July 14. The plan I will be presenting on Tuesday is not a final plan and it will be changed based on School Board, staff, and community input. I am going to present it to the Board first, and then after that meeting, I will be sending it out to staff and families for review and input.

We will have subsequent school board meetings on August 4th and August 18th to further discuss our plans, knowing full well that we may not know for certain which scenario will be implemented until the August 18th board meeting. I also plan on holding some type of forum for public input. Those details have not been set yet.

I know this is an anxious time for all, but please be patient as we move forward. As always, please let me know if you have questions or comments. You are also very welcome to address your comments to district and building administrators, as well as individual school board members.

Thank you and have a great day.

Dr. Leikvold 

June 18th, 2020

Starting Well Guide for Schools.

Below is a link to a document from the SD Department of Education regarding guidance they have provided for how to prepare for school in 2020-2021.


June 10th, 2020

After surveying members of the class of 2020 and their families regarding interest in holding and attending an additional graduation ceremony, it has been decided not to proceed with an additional graduation ceremony for the LDHS Class of 2020. 

Thank you.

June 9th, 2020

Parents, please take a moment to fill out this survey and let us know about your Remote Learning experience.  

Lead/Deadwood School District Parent Survey 2020

Thank you

June 5th, 2020

The 2021 Post Prom Parent Committee will be hosting a night of Prom and Post Prom activities, 'A Night Under the Stars', on Saturday, June 20, 2020. All students from the Class of 2020 and 2021 are welcome to attend with up to one guest. The Grand March line-up will begin at 7:00 pm, with Grand March at 7:30 pm. The dance will follow at approximately 8:15 pm until 10:00 pm, all to be held at Outlaw Square in Deadwood. Post Prom activities, including games, food and prizes, will then be held at the Lead City Park from 10:30 pm - 1:00 am. These events will be free to the students. Any Class of '20 or '21 students not attending the Grand March or Dance, are welcome to attend the Post Prom event. Semi-formal to formal attire is welcome.

Please RSVP with the Name(s) attending, no later than June 15, to: 605.641.9748

Social Distancing, enhanced hygiene practices and health screenings will be in place and encouraged. If you, your students or someone in your household are feeling sick, please DO NOT ATTEND.

This event is being hosted by the Class of 2021 Post Prom Committee and is not a Lead-Deadwood School event. 

May 26th, 2020

The 8th Grade Award Ceremony will air on May 28th, at 2:00pm on the Lead Deadwood You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Oa6PoBB4IAQjzeo7BjO3w

May 11th, 2020

The Cruising Parade for Graduation begins on the corner of Baltimore and South Main St. in Lead after the picking up of diplomas, which begins at 2:00 on May 17 in front of the high school. The parade route will go down Main St. in Lead to Pluma, down Cliff St. to Pine St. to Main St, ending down by Tin Lizzie.

The Class Day and Graduation Ceremonies will air on the Lead Deadwood You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Oa6PoBB4IAQjzeo7BjO3w

The virtual Class Day ceremony will be held/aired on the district YouTube channel on Friday, May 15 at 2:00.

The virtual Graduation ceremony will be prerecorded and be held/aired on the district YouTube channel at 12:00 on May 17.

May 4th, 2020

To the Students and Parents/Guardians of the Lead Deadwood Schools:

All students (Elementary, Middle and High School) will be checking out at assigned times and turning in materials (computers, chargers, library books, textbooks, etc.) at the High School on a set schedule. Check out will take place in Gym 1. Please use the Gym 1 doors at the top of the outside steps.

All materials need to be returned in a sealed garbage bag and the bag will be left in Gym 1 for 72 hours. Please put a label with your name and a brief list of contents on the bag. We ask that only one person per household attends to drop off items. All checkout procedures will fall within the Covid-19 CDC and SD State Department of Health guidelines.

So that we may avoid your coming to check out more than once, those of you with more than one student, regardless of building, should drop off materials for all of them at the same time during one of your scheduled time from May 26-28. Please use a separate bag for each student. Only seniors will check out on May 14.

If the checkout dates do not work for you or if you need use of computer or other materials past the checkout times, please contact your building principal to make arrangements. We ask that you follow the schedule and do not congregate while at the school. Thank you.

Thursday, May 14

Seniors A-G 12:30-1:30 H-P 1:30-2:30 Q-Z 2:30-3:30

Tuesday, May 26

Kindergarten 8:00 – 9:00

1st Grade 9:00 - 10:00

2nd Grade 10:00 – 11:00

3rd Grade 11:00 – 12:00

4th Grade 12:00 – 1:00

5th Grade 1:00 – 2:00

Wednesday, May 27

Freshmen A-G 8:00-8:30 H-P 8:30-9:00 Q-Z 9:00-9:30

Sophs A-G 10:00-10:30 H-P 10:30-11:00 Q-Z 11:00-11:30

Juniors A-G 12:00-12:30 H-P 12:30-1:00 Q-Z 1:00-1:30

Thursday, May 28, MS

6th grade A-G 8:00-8:30 H-N 8:30-9:00 O-Z 9:00-9:30

7th grade A-G 10:00-10:30 H-N 10:30-11:00 O-Z 11:00-11:30

8th grade A-G 12:00-12:30

April 26th, 2020

Letter to the Class of 2020 From Dr. LeikvolD

To the Members of the LDHS Class of 2020:

As I write you this letter, I cannot help but consider the words of Charles Dickens from his novel, A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” To you all, I want to tell you how proud I am of you and how badly I feel for you having to bear this burden during your senior year.

These times are without precedent in recent history and I hope that you are able to find some solace and happiness in the fact that you will soon be graduating from LDHS and moving on to the next chapter in your life. I wish you all the very best in whatever you choose to do going forward.

I am writing to let you know that after much deliberation and much input, we have made a decision regarding the 2020 Graduation events at LDHS. Class Day will be held/aired on the district YouTube channel on Friday, May 15 at 2:00. Graduation will take place as scheduled on Sunday, May 17, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Graduation on May 17 will consist of two events, a virtual graduation ceremony and a cruising parade. The virtual graduation ceremony will be prerecorded and be held/aired on the district YouTube channel at 12:00. The cruising parade, will be live and in person, and will begin at 2:00. It will consist of each graduate driving up to the front of LDHS and picking up their diploma. Everyone will then line up for a cruising parade through Lead and Deadwood. As with so much right now, the cruising parade is subject to change based on circumstances.

In addition to the events on May 17, we will also attempt to do a more traditional graduation ceremony later in the summer. Although site and format have not been determined, the dates we will try to do a more traditional ceremony will be June 28 or July 19. Both would start at 2:00. We will rely on relevant information relating to circumstances at the time as to which date is most realistic for a more traditional ceremony and if they can actually take place. Unfortunately, we need to prepare for the possibility that there will not be an opportunity for any sort of traditional ceremony and you will have to move on to the next chapter of your life having missed that particular rite of passage.

We are having a meeting for the Class of 2020 on Monday, April 27 at 1:00 via Skype and we will be sharing more information with you then and in subsequent messages regarding class day, graduation, and end of the year check out procedures, Please share this letter with your family and friends and take care of yourself.


Dr. Leikvold

April 13th, 2020

The Lead Deadwood Golddiggers will be joining in with other Black Hills Conference communities in the “Be the Light” campaign.

On Thursday evening, April 16, 2020, we will be turning on the stadium lights at Ferguson Field at 8:20pm for 20 minutes. We do this in honor of our seniors from the class of 2020 and all the participants in extra-curricular activities that have been cancelled.

Take a drive by the stadium during that time and honk to show your support. Please remember to adhere to social distancing protocol and stay in your vehicle at all times.

Why the exact time? 20:20 for 20 minutes for the Class of 2020!! Thank you and stay safe!!

This is similar to, but different than the SD statewide Let it Shine event, see below!

South Dakotans Called to Let It Shine During Coronavirus Pandemic

Success of Sioux Falls “Lighting Up the Night” Inspires Statewide Event

Sioux Falls, SD – Momentum is building around a statewide community formed with the mission of spreading hope and light to those impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

On March 30, 2020, Sioux Falls came together to light up the night. The purpose was to show support and appreciation for healthcare workers here and around the world; to spread hope to those who are sick during this pandemic; and to honor businesses that have closed their doors, people who have lost their jobs, and those who are struggling with mental health. The event was an overwhelming success.

As a result, organizer Tony Erickson decided to take the event statewide. “These are trying times for everyone whether you’re a frontline worker, someone who is sick, a business owner that is hurting, or a person trying to work from home and help your children learn,” said Erickson. “But, as South Dakotans, we are strong, we are resilient, and we’re good at being there for one another.”

On or about the night of May 1st, residents, communities, schools, and businesses across the state are invited to go outside to “let it shine.”

Helicopters, planes, and drones will take to the skies, and photographers will be a safe distance on the ground, to capture photos of businesses, schools, and households. Everyone is urged to turn on their lights that night. At the Sioux Falls event, families took to their driveways and yards, using flashlights, fire pits, Christmas lights and everything in between. A Facebook livestream of that event had reached almost 90-thousand people and 36-thousand people engaged in the post.

“As I hung out the side of the helicopter with my camera that night, I was blown away by all the twinkling lights over Sioux Falls. I could see everything and it’s almost hard to put into words,” said Collin McKenzie, partner with Storybuilt Media which helped with the project. “I’m looking forward to seeing what South Dakota looks like all lit up as well.”

In addition to shining hope, the mission is to also raise funds for the South Dakota Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund. The purpose of the fund is to ensure that South Dakotan’s impacted financially by the pandemic get the financial help and support they need. T-shirts are also being developed as part of the fundraiser.

“Momentum is building,” said Erickson, “and details continue to come together. We cannot wait to see what our communities come up with to show their support.”

Currently plans are being made to light up school stadiums across the state. Black Hills Aerial Adventures has committed helicopters to the event. And efforts continue to secure drones, videographers, and photographers. Tee shirts are being designed and proceeds from the sale will also go to the Coronavirus Response Fund.

Weather will play the biggest role in the timing of the event. But, for now it is planned for 9:30 pm CST on May 1, 2020.

While organizations and families plan how they will light up the night, safety is encouraged first and foremost. “This is not an invitation for people to gather in large groups,” stresses Erickson. “We need to practice safety and social distancing. Have fun, get creative, but do so in a way that is respectful of everyone’s health and wellness.”

Special thanks to all who are donating their time and talents to the effort: Storybuilt Media, Robb Long Photography, Ascending Innovation, writer Shannon Steffke, musician Kory Van Sickle, Black Hills Aerial Adventures, and MRG Sports and Promo. More sponsors and individuals will surely be added to the list.

April 6th, 2020

At her press briefing on Monday, April 6, Gov. Noem asked that South Dakota schools remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

She asked that schools should continue with the flex learning options they have put into place over the last few weeks.

The expectation is that schools will continue to provide instruction to students and will stick to their original calendars for SY 2019-20 as much as possible.

Schools that are running feeding programs should continue those efforts as well.

Please let us know if you have questions.

Thank you.

Press Release- For Immediate Release

With the Governor’s announcement of school closure for the remainder of the school year, all remaining SDHSAA events for 2019-20, to include all spring activities and postponed winter events, are cancelled. This is an unprecedented time across our state and country, and we do not make this decision lightly. We thank all of the participants, their coaches/directors/advisors/administration, their parents, and everyone else who has dedicated tremendous amounts of time, passion, and effort to these events. To our senior participants- we thank you for everything you have done for your schools and communities and wish you the very best in your bright futures. This is difficult, but the lessons you’ve learned and friendships you’ve made through high school activities will last your lifetime. The cancellation will be formalized at the April 21st Regular Meeting of the SDHSAA Board of Directors. We look forward to the resumption of high school activities during the 2020-21 school year, and will continue work on those events at this time. The SDHSAA thanks everyone involved for their patience and understanding throughout this process.

Dr. Daniel Swartos, Executive Director

South Dakota High School Activities Association

march 31st, 2020

Great News: Starting tomorrow, the Lead-Deadwood School District will be serving Grab and Go Lunches for ALL children ages 0-18. You may pick up the lunches from 10:00am-11:00am at the High School Cafeteria. Please share this great news with neighbors and friends!

To encourage “social distancing” we ask that only one person per household attend to pick up the meals.

The Lead-Deadwood School District School Board will be holding a Virtual Board Meeting today, March 31st at 4:00 p.m.  To listen to the meeting, dial 1-605-496-0678, and use the conference code: 503103704 followed by the # sign.  Please make sure your phone is on Mute by dialing *6.

The First Interstate Bank Lead Deadwood Community Fund Chili Feed scheduled for April16 is postponed.

No make-up date has been set.

Grant applicants and recipients will be notified and checks mailed out in the coming weeks.

If there are questions about grants, please contact Dan Leikvold at dan.leikvold@k12.sd.us or 605-645-7552.

Thank you.

Just a reminder, Lead-Deadwood Schools is serving Grab and Go lunches Monday - Friday between 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. outside the High School Cafeteria doors.  We will also be serving lunches on Good Friday and Easter Monday. (Friday, April 10th and Monday, April 13th)

March 25th, 2020

Here is a list of events cancelled or postponed.

All track meets through May 3 are cancelled.

MS Track season has been cancelled.

LD Community Fund Chili Feed April 16 postponed to a yet to be determined date.

All girls golf events through May 3 are cancelled

High School Spring Play April 17-18 cancelled

Freshman Impact cancelled

Elks Student Awards Banquet April 19 postponed indefinitely

National Honor Society Banquet April 20 cancelled

SD Work of Week April 20-24 cancelled

High School Academic Awards and Activity Banquet April 23 cancelled

High School Band Concert April 27 cancelled

MS Band Concert April 30 cancelled

LDHS Prom April 25 postponed until June 20

LDHS Booster Club Sports Banquet May 3 postponed to a yet to be determined date.

HS and MS Choir Concert May 4 cancelled

Drivers ED cancelled

March 24th, 2020

Lead-Deadwood School District will follow the latest recommendation of Governor Noem to keep all schools closed until May 1. All activities are either cancelled or postponed until further notice. We will be letting you all know what is cancelled and what is postponed. Thank you.

Grab and Go LunchesPlease fill out this survey if your student(s) will be picking up lunches at the school for the week of March 30th - April 3rd.  Click HERE to complete the survey.

In response to Governor Noem's direction of school closure through May 1st, all SDHSAA spring sports practices and competitions are cancelled through Sunday, May 3rd.

March 20th, 2020

The Lead-Deadwood School District Physical Education and Wellness Committee has put together some ideas relating to activities for children and families during the school closure. We know that everyone has a lot on their minds during the current situation, so hopefully this will help folks enjoy some quality time out from all that is going on. Click here to view the documents.

Lead-Deadwood School District will be holding bi-weekly virtual School Board meetings through the rest of the year.  They will take place every other Tuesday at 4:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, March 31
  • Tuesday, April 14
  • Tuesday, April 28
  • Tuesday, May 12
  • Tuesday, May 26

To join into the conference call and listen to the meeting, dial 1-605-496-0678, and use the conference code: 503103704 followed by the # sign.  Please make sure your phone is on Mute by dialing *6.  Dialing *6 again will unmute your phone at appropriate times.

March 18th, 2020

Feed Deadwood’s Kids and Seniors Program starts noon Wednesday, March 18 Deadwood’s business community is working together to donate meals for area youth and seniors. Businesses and organizations will donate sack breakfasts and lunches to those in need starting with lunch on Wednesday, March 18. Distribution of the meals will be from the Deadwood Welcome Center parking lot (501 Main Street). Volunteers will be on hand to distribute the meals from the Welcome Center. Breakfast meals will be available starting Thursday, March 19. Breakfast will be served from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and lunch will be served from noon to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Meals will be available until further notice.

If you are healthy and able to volunteer getting meals out to students & seniors, please access the signup sheet via link below. Please adhere to no more than 3 volunteers per time slot and we are respectfully asking seniors NOT to volunteer at this time. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AQbZa-Ec-_kFqD6MY82bTY_zkgNBDT9GpeQecSHr5wo/edit?usp=sharing

All enrolled students in the Lead-Deadwood School District will be given a free breakfast and free lunch beginning March 23, 2020. All Grab and Go meals will be distributed at the High School outside the cafeteria door beginning at 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. To encourage “social distancing” we ask that only one person per household attend to pick up the meals. To help us estimate how many meals to prepare, please complete this survey before Friday at 8:00am


The updated menu has been changed on the website or can be found HERE.

I know many of you joined in on the live streaming of the school board meeting yesterday, but for those of you who did not, I wanted to give you a quick update.

We do not know how long the shutdown will last. As of now, The Governor is taking the week by week approach. Many states have been more aggressive in the length of closures, with most out at least three to six weeks and with Kansas even already shutting down for the rest of the year.

After next week, between snow days and closure days, we will be at twelve days missed and we have five built into our schedule. That means we will be seven over what we need to have to meet state law. I believe we will miss many more days and may even be out for the rest of the year. I hope I am wrong. We do not know yet if the state will forgive the time or not, but how well we try to do distance education during this time will go a long way in that decision. Thus, we will do all we can to educate students while we are out, knowing, full well it is difficult. The Board agreed with me that going to school in June is virtually (no pun) impossible in our community and that is not a viable option. Much depends on what the state decides.

We are waiting for word from the SD DOE on Smarter Balance testing.

All activities are postponed or cancelled through March 29. There will be no Parent Teacher Conferences on March 26. The PD day set for March 27th will be a “normal” distance education day. The end of the quarter and report cards will go on and out as scheduled.

We have been approved for a Grab and Go lunch program that will begin on Monday, March 23 at 10:00. All students enrolled in the district are welcome and this will continue until the closures end. The meals will be served only at the high school and everyone is to use the outer cafeteria door.

Thank you

March 17th, 2020

Schools are closed the week of March 23rd - 27th.  Please read more by clicking HERE.

Special Board Meeting Streamed Live This will be a view only meeting.  Attendee's microphones will be muted and messaging will not be monitored.

March 13th, 2020

The Lead-Deadwood Schools will be following Governor Kristin Noem's recommendation to close schools for the week of March 16-20. This step is being taken in order to stay ahead of the spread of the coronavirus. The governor recommends that schools use this time to do deep cleaning of our facilities.

All school activities, as well as practices are canceled for the week of March 16th-20th.

The Lead-Deadwood Elementary School Kindergarten screening schedule for March 20th is postponed until further notice.

As more information is available, we will post it here as well as continue to send out important messages.

Thank you,

Lead-Deadwood School District